Contact Me

I am available at school to help students before and after school as well as during 8th period study hall.  Please come see me! 

You can contact me at:

Email:    I check email several times a day during the week and on Saturdays until 9 pm.  When a big project is coming due, I will be checking email on Sundays until 7 pm as well.  Please put your (or your student's) full name and class period in the subject line of the email so that I get back to the right person!

Voice mail: 630-567-1234.  I check voice mail before and after school daily.  I check it during planning periods as well if I have time.  Please be sure to leave your full name, your telephone number, and a brief message about why you are calling. 

Facebook: I have a Facebook page for each class.  If you are not yet a member of the page, please look for it under Señora Benz Period ___ (whatever your period is).  Only current members are allowed to access each class period's page.  I post announcements and answer messages there daily--see above email times, because they are the same.  (Any announcements posted there will also be posted here.)